3 Elements of Strong Customer Support

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Here at Teamwork.com, we consider our customers part of the team and incorporate their feedback into our product roadmap. Their insight drives innovation and their ideas fuel our creations.

The trust and loyalty we’ve forged with our customers didn’t happen overnight, it took time and years of implementing three elements of strong customer support: proven expertise, thoughtful responsiveness, and a positive attitude. 

We’ve learned how to enhance these areas internally and are sharing our thoughts on achieving these plus tips from our own customer support team.


It is quite likely there are similar products and supports to what you’re offering already out there. Yes, you know yours is the best and how it can be used for optimum success, but how can you tell the world that and have them believe you?

Share your expertise in your field so they know you are not just selling something, but crafting something you are passionate about. This can be done initially with carefully worded information on your website and maintaining your FAQs and help docs, but also by working with your customer support team to help them understand the product as much as the designers and engineers who created it.

Knowing your work backwards and forwards helps build trust with the customer so they can rely on you for a quality product and quality support.


Quality support starts with the first word you utter, whether in-person, on the phone, or in an email. From the greeting onwards, your entire interaction is focused on resolving the issue or confusion faced by your customer.

Your team’s responsiveness to an inquiry and the feelings of your customer are paramount to resolving things well. For excellent support, focus on the importance of getting back to customers quickly, even if it’s just to let them know that their message hasn’t gone into a black hole.

This builds trust because people want to know that you’re on it, whether the actual problem takes a long time to fix or not.


Many times, customers will be contacting your team with positive feedback, or even an idea on how to enhance your product, so approach each customer with a positive attitude, not one of dread.

Turn any interaction with a customer into an opportunity to better know the needs they face. Your customer cares enough to contact you and tell you things, so listen, respond, and show them your expertise and enthusiasm for helping them through this.

Not only will this dedication welcome the communications at-hand, but will also strengthen the existing relationship between company and customer in a way no ad campaign could dream of.

We asked our customer support team what advice they would give to someone starting work in their first customer service role. Here’s what they had to say:

J: Try not to jump to conclusions! Always try to appreciate how the customer feels, and how your behavior affects that.

R: Treat the customer as a friend. Answer the question asked and reduce customer effort.

N: Be humble. Understand that those on your team know the product, how the company works, and how your customers typically behave. Understand also that they want to get you up to speed as quickly as possible. Ask for help, and then listen. Be a team player, and get stuck in.

A: Be Determined, Be Engaging, Be Supportive & finally Keep Calm  (DESK)

AK: Listen and try to understand what the customer wants. Work with both your end users and your team, knowledge is the key to customer service.

If your customer is happy, you know you’re doing something right. Cultivating a long-term relationship with your customers through expertise, responsiveness, and attitude build trust and loyalty.

The customer looks for all these three elements of strong customer support when choosing a business, then continues to evaluate these factors throughout the process. It is up to you to build and maintain a relationship, but also to always strive to be better for your products and your customers.

Each member of the company contributes to the success of its customers. Build your reputation with proven expertise, responsiveness, and supportive attitude so customer loyalty will follow.


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