Day 12: Go beyond the browser with our new desktop app for Teamwork Projects

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During Teamwork Projects’ 12 Days of Features, we’re delivering a brand new feature every day to help you improve your productivity into the new year and beyond.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Teamwork gave to me… a new desktop app for Teamwork Projects!

Yes, you read that right! We’ve just released a brand new desktop app for Teamwork Projects that will give you all the functionality of the browser version in a beautiful, distraction-free environment.

Here’s why we’re so excited about this new desktop app:

Easy to access

The desktop app is quicker and easier to launch directly on startup. You can pin it to your toolbar so you don’t need to waste time messing around with browser shortcuts. You’ll be ready to go from the moment you start your computer each day!

No more distractions

During a full workday, you probably have several tabs open with documents, research, spreadsheets, your favorite work music… and Teamwork Projects. It’s easy for your task list to get lost in a sea of open tabs, and each time you try to relocate it means another distraction. Add the app to your desktop, and you can jump there with one click.

Professional and client-friendly

Showcase your projects the way they deserve. Now you can present information to clients and in meetings without needing to go to your browser first, so you can keep the focus on the work that matters. (Bonus: no more broadcasting private messages to the whole room by mistake.)

Teamwork Projects Desktop for Mac

You can download the Mac version of the desktop app by clicking the image below:

twp mac


Once the app has finished downloading, you can access it via your Mac downloads folder.

Double-click the DMG file to run the installer. You can then drag the Teamwork Projects Desktop icon to the Applications folder in the setup modal:

Teamwork Projects


You can open the application either via your Mac Applications folder or Launchpad. When the app is running, it will appear in your dock where you can right-click to pin the application for future use.

Teamwork Projects Desktop for Windows

You can download the Windows version of the desktop app by clicking the image below:

twp windows


Once the app has finished downloading, you will have the option to run the application after opening the EXE file. The setup modal will open and begin the install process.

Desktop install


You can open the application via your desktop or the Programs list.

To learn more about using the new desktop app, check out this help doc.

And with that, our 12 Days of Features have come to a close. What was your favorite feature that was left under the Teamwork tree this year? Let us know in the comments below — and thanks for joining us on the sleigh ride!


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Grainne Forde
Marketing specialist


Matthew Jaworski

Great Feature!

Can you make it as easy to open multiple windows (ctrl+click), as it was to open multiple tabs with different teamwork sections in them?

Katriona O'Mahony

Hi Matthew

We’re actually investigating this right now so will keep you posted!


ilyse kazar

This is good to hear. I’d love to reduce the huge memory overhead of having 3-4 TW tabs open in Chrome all the time. Multi-tabs is essential to me, so that I can leave my view in one project undisturbed while I switch tabs to review or edit/add something in another project. I will keep watching and will make the switch to the app as soon as this becomes possible. Kudos and thanks for the 12 days of features!!

Katriona O'Mahony

Hi Jeremy

This is something we’re actually investigating at the moment – we’ll keep you posted!


Drew Haege

Is your SSO login working ok? I’m getting an Unhandled Exception error every time I enter my SSO login and click OK. I just submitted a bug report to TW Support, but curious if this has happened to you. Also, are you running the app on Mac or Windows?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.


Hey Teamwork team, what is the difference between the app and website? Will it work offline?

Katriona O'Mahony

Hi Rafi

The platform is browser based, so with the desktop app – you can use it on your machine without opening a browser.
Some users prefer this way of working as it’s less distracting than working in a browser and easy to pin to taskbars for easy launch on startup.

We don’t currently have the ability to work offline.

Hope that helps!


Anthony K

Thanks guys – we’re enjoying the speed of the app. Will it be possible in future for those of us with multiple TW accounts to use the one window?


Microsoft Defender and chrome find a Virus in the Windows download! I don’t know if it’s a false alert.

Lubomír Blažek

Great work, but it would be good to add “open link in browser” for right click context menu or add tabs to the app.

Jim Bartek

I love Teamwork, but as my projects get bigger the UI is getting problematically slow, i was hoping the desktop app would solve this, but it is worse.

The App is very buggy on Mac. Loses connection a lot, loses some data when typing into notebooks, takes ~10 seconds before you can type in a comment. It’s slower and more buggy than the web version.

Hope you guys can solve the performance issues in both versions very soon.


That desktop app is useless, it is just using the website in an extra buggy browser window..

Teamwork, you could have used your time way better if you had prioritized your todo list right using your own tools. I expected more from Teamwork than this.

Katriona O'Mahony

Hi Robert

Thanks for your feedback on this, it’s something we’re looking into at the moment.


Karen Laksamana

Thank you! This was one feature I wished for when we first started using Teamwork, but I eventually got used to having a browser window open. This is fantastic!

Gráinne Forde


It’s fantastic to hear you’re loving the app! We’ve plenty of epic releases lined up for 2019 so stay tuned 🙂


Thomas Weiss

Great App! What I would love to see is a quick edit of tasks via shortcut, like wunderlist. Press alt+cmd+v a popup opens, I can choose a client, press tab, type some letters, choos a roject, tab, type, choose a list and add the task.


Jennifer Murphy

I tried to download the desktop app, but it doesn’t seem to recognize my login credentials. Is there a separate desktop app for the EU version? Thanks!


Would love to see the app come to the Windows Store with a touch-friendly interface! Plus with the Windows Store we get automatic updates.


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