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It’s been a bumper month for Teamwork Projects updates! We’ve added a Skip Weekends feature to the Gantt chart and a whole bunch of tweaks and improvements that will make Teamwork Projects work harder for you.

Here’s a full list of everything we’ve added this month as well as news of a brand new third-party integration:

Default Projects

Picture this–you’ve got 3 new people joining your team or you’re adding external companies by the bucket load. You have to decide what projects these people need to access and then manually add them via the people tab to the right projects.

default projects

This process isn’t ideal, and it eats up your valuable time and concentration to make sure everything works perfectly– that is, until now. We’ve added a default project option where you can choose which projects  a user is given access to whether they’re  a user in the owner company or a user in any company (either owner or external).

default projects

In some cases you might want to add users to every project, but in others, you may want to add to specific projects (this is often the case with external companies). You can set defaults accordingly so that going forward, when you add a user, they’ll automatically be on the projects you need, which will save you a lot of time and effort in the future.

default projects

Setting up your default projects is really easy. Just go to your site settings, select templates and scroll down to default projects. You have two options:1) you can either select the owner company and choose which projects new users get added to automatically, or 2) you can select the default projects for external companies. More information is available from this article on our help docs site.

default projects

Bulk Edit Tasks

We’re huge fans of the ability to bulk edit tasks over here at Teamwork HQ. In August we enhanced this feature even more by adding the ability to allow people-related changes on the project level bulk edit. This means that you can bulk edit assignees, followers or creators, which makes the app more flexible and efficient .

bulk edit tasks

To bulk edit tasks at project level, simply select the project options button on the right of your screen and click on the first option: bulk edit tasks. From here, you can either select tasks across various task lists, or you can narrow your choices by filtering a specific  task list.

bulk edit tasks


bulk edit tasks


bulk edit tasks

Once you have your tasks selected, click on the changes would you like to make. You’ll have a number of options to choose from, so click the one that’s  most appropriate to for your changes. For the purpose of this example, we have selected “Followers” and chosen to edit the people following changes on tasks as well as people following comments on tasks.

Task Cards Enhancement

We’ve made a nice little improvement to task cards on the Board View. Previously, the dates on the card were all one color, and this made it somewhat hard to distinguish dates. Now, overdue tasks will be red, tasks due today will be in blue and tasks due tomorrow will be orange. This new system will make it even easier to identify urgent tasks and identify work that needs to be done immediately.

board view on tasks

Mobile Updates – IOS

This month, we’ve added some useful new updates to the mobile app that will allow you to create shortcuts on projects so you can access the information you need with fewer taps. You can use shortcuts to pin items, or you can associate them with a person, tasks, task list, milestone and much more.

mobile shortcuts


The best part of this update is that any shortcuts you create on the mobile app will be available on the web app–and any shortcuts you create on the web app will be available on mobile. There’s no need to double-enter those additions! Check out the quick video below to find out how you can set up shortcuts on IOS.

Third party integration

In case you missed our announcement earlier this month, here’s a reminder about our fantastic time tracking integration created by our friends over at Everhour. The integration allows you to display logged time and estimates of tasks in Teamwork Projects from your Everhour account. Check out this post from early August for more information.

That’s all from us for now! Our next big priority is developing more sophisticated filters that will help you zone in on the information that really matters to you. More one this very soon.

In the meantime, we’d love to hear how these latest improvements have helped you work better. Leave us a comment below.


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Leanne King
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