How Olivia uses custom fields

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Give custom fields a try

Custom fields can greatly enhance the support you offer your clients. Making your customer-facing teams more efficient ultimately makes your team and your customers even happier.

Please note that custom fields are available to users on the Pro and Enterprise plans.


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Emma Ross
Product marketer


Emma Ross

Hi Andris,

Thanks for reading our custom fields blog post, I’m really glad to hear this feature will help you 🙂



Could it be possible to populate custom fields automatically from incoming mail?
eg if you have a custom field called ‘Customer_Number’ and when an incoming mail contains ‘Customer_Number:123456’ in the body of the message, your system could automatically parse the email body , extract the data field and populate the custom field in Desk?


Emma Ross

Hi Ed,

Thanks for getting in touch! Unfortunately, it is not possible to auto-populate custom fields from incoming email. It does sound like a really useful enhancement to custom fields so I will pass it on to the product team for review.



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