Consistency and the Options menus.

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Recently we have been getting a bit of feedback about consistency throughout the app, and this got us thinking. As we add more and more features to, it’s become apparent that we’re letting ourselves down in terms of consistency.

The good news is that we are tackling it — and this month we started with the Options menu.

Consistency and the Options menus | Teamwork Projects

Before we made the change, the Options menu could be found in several different places — the lower left hand pane, at the bottom of a page or in the top right — depending on which screen you looked at. Now, everywhere, the Options menu icon is located in the upper right of the screen, directly under the notifications bell and your profile icon.

While this is a small update, we hope that this will help to speed up your daily use of

We would, as always, appreciate your feedback on any other areas that might be lacking in consistency.


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