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Teamwork Chat gives your entire team a platform for instant communication. Whether they need to discuss a project or share important documents, Teamwork Chat has everyone covered. Best of all, it integrates with Teamwork Projects and is 100% free to use — forever! Check out some of Teamwork Chat’s innovative features that will help your team to collaborate more effectively.

Create Teamwork Projects tasks within Teamwork Chat

One of our favorites! Teamwork Chat lets you create tasks in Teamwork Projects directly from within any message. This useful feature saves you time switching between apps and helps prevent tasks from slipping through the cracks, making instant conversations more productive.

Project Channels

Project Channels are chat rooms directly and automatically connected to your project in Teamwork Projects. These reduce the time-consuming work of manually adding and removing individual people within the appropriate rooms. Using Project Channels, all relevant conversations are directed to the right people, cutting down on miscommunication.


Have you ever had a conversation with a teammate about project specifics and forgotten some of the details? Teamwork Chat eliminates this problem by making every conversation easily searchable. Whether it’s a message or an attachment, Teamwork Chat makes it possible to track down the exact information you need in seconds.

Mobile app

The Teamwork Chat mobile app (available on Android and on iOS) allows you to connect with your team and clients regardless of your location. With the mobile app, staying productive on the go is even easier because conversations are automatically synced across desktop and mobile devices.

Attach files

Teamwork Chat lets you quickly and easily share important files with your teammates. You can exchange information instantly, cutting out the the need to send a colleague an instant message to confirm that you’ve given them a file via email.


Teamwork Chat also lets you personalize messages using Markdown and an extensive emoji set.


So what are you waiting for? Streamline team communication and start collaborating more effectively by getting started with Teamwork Chat today!


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