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One of the most rewarding ways to learn from experience is by learning from someone else’s experience, preferably someone who has overcome obstacles and made it to the top.

Business seminars, lectures, and conferences are an excellent opportunity to do just that, but sometimes geographic and budgetary limitations make it impossible which is why videos are such a valuable resource.

Learn from industry leaders as we list our 16 favorite business videos so you can enjoy the wisdom and insight of leading industry experts without leaving the comfort of your desk.

1. Developing the CEO Within You

Interview with Joseph L. Bower, Professor at Harvard Business School, discussing career growth and development within a company.

2. 2005 Commencement Address at Stanford University by Steve Jobs

In his speech, Jobs shared insight into the importance of pursuing your dreams and seeing opportunities in setbacks.

3. Ideas That Spread, Win by Seth Godin

A look back to when he spoke at the Greater Baltimore Technology Council and shared by the Greater Talent Network Speakers Bureau. He speaks about how even the greatest products need marketing to succeed.


4. Interview with Liam Casey, Founder and CEO of PCH

Casey is interviewed by about his passion for startups and the entrepreneurial journey.

5. Time Management with Randy Pausch

Held at University of Virginia in November 2007, this is a pragmatic lecture on time management from the perspective that time is your most finite and valuable resource.


6. Thinking Backwards by Seth Godin

This talk was held at CreativeMornings in New York in May 2013 shares his thoughts on approaching success in surprising ways.


7. How to Start a Startup by Sam Altman and Dustin Moskovitz

This talk was held at Stanford University to share expertise on the ideas and products involved in creating a startup as well as the reasons why to start a startup. Altman is President of Y Combinator, while Moskovitz is Co-founder of Facebook, Asana, and Good Ventures.


8. Conversation with Elon Musk

This took place at Stanford Graduate School of Business ENCORE Award delving into Tesla and his entrepreneurial perspective and experiences.


9. Can Green be Profitable with Gary Hirshberg

The President and CEO of Stonyfield Farm and author of Stirring it up: How to Make Money and Save the World talks about how eco-focused business practices can benefit the overall business as well.


10. The Social Business Model with Muhammad Yunus

The inspiring Nobel Peace Prize winner and founder of The Grameen Bank discusses the concept of entrepreneurs embracing social issues for advancement in both business and societal welfare.


11. Interview with Oprah Winfrey

Interviewed at Stanford Graduate School of Business about her perspective and experiences in her life and career as well as embracing obstacles and taking on leadership roles.



12. Top Three Tips for Startups from Elon Musk

He focuses on elements, such as having a high pain threshold, chasing happiness, offering a great product/service, and seeking out constructive criticism.


13. The Best Business Advice from Robert Greenberg

The CEO of Skechers talks business advice on the Donny Deutsch Show about persistence in life and when starting your own business.


14. Harvard Commencement Speech by J.K. Rowling

She focuses on advice regarding the benefits of failure and the importance of imagination.


15. Interview with Tory Burch by Patricia Sellers

The editor-at-large of Fortune Magazine spoke at the Stanford Graduate School of Business on January 15, 2013, addressing the designer and entrepreneur’s perspectives on business, power, and charitable foundation work.


16. How to craft your 30-second elevator pitch with Kathy McAfee

Creating your own networking introduction and get them to say “Tell me more.” with the advice of Kathy McAfee, who advises how to craft brief “elevator pitch” introductory pitches.


Best Business Advice is a collection of brief but useful wisdom from Lance Uggla, Michael Wu, Martín Migoya, and Dr. Edmond Harty at the 2013 World Entrepreneur of the Year Awards via The Telegraph.


For every piece of advice, there is someone who has been through the challenge and can save you a little grief by imparting learned knowledge to save you the same pitfall. This list is a small sampling of what is out there.

In researching this post, we learned that commencement addresses have the most nuggets of wisdom, but interviews had the most spontaneous responses, so if what we’ve found hasn’t satiated your appetite for the best business videos, now you know where to start.

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