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This month we have been working on a revamp of the Image Viewer.  The easiest way to see why is to take a quick walk through the way things used to work.

Let’s say you’re building a house.  Of course you project manage it with TeamworkPM. The architect revises the plans and adds some 3D images for you to look at.

The first thing you do is jump straight to the images.  Thumbnails are nice, but of course you go look at each image individually.  That means clicking on the image, waiting for it to appear, canceling out to go back to the list of images, choosing another image, waiting for that to appear, canceling out of that, and… well you get the picture.  Or at least you don’t.  You only get half the picture.  What changed between the first and the second images?  By the third image can you even remember what was in the first?

Then move on to the changes the architect made to the plans.  You see the plan, but what’s new?  From the file list you can choose which version to look at, but just like with the images above, are you really going to remember what changed?  Plus, hands up, how many of us even knew the versioning system was even there in the first place?

The new Image Viewer get’s rid of all that fuss

Teamwork Projects - The Beautiful New Image Viewer Teamwork Projects - The Beautiful New Image Viewer Teamwork Projects - The Beautiful New Image Viewer

Click on an image and you’re brought straight into a full screen, simple, clean and distraction free view of your image. It’s just you, the image and a way to write down your comments.

Remember all of that canceling and choosing from the example above?  Just hit the up and down arrow keys and you’ll move flicker free between images – no more leaving the viewer to choose a new file.  Trying to choose between two of the images?  Go back and forth to your heart’s content.

Teamwork Projects - The Beautiful New Image Viewer

The power of versioning really shines with this new viewer.  Moving between different versions of the same image is as simple as hitting the left and right keys.  Remember the changes that the architect made in the example above?  Now you’ll literally be able to see those changes pop in and out, making it easy to choose which to go with ( well… as easy as it can be when comes to hypothetical building plans!)

The best way to find out about the new Image Viewer is to try it out yourself.  It behaves exactly as you’d expect and doesn’t need much more introduction than that.

People like to look at images.  Always have.  Always will.  The thing is, it’s just so much more enjoyable doing so on TeamworkPM now…




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Great new feature guys, really like this! Having just played with it, I have a couple of suggestions that’d really help us to get more out of this.

I’d really like to see the ability to ‘collapse’ the comments pane out to the edge of the screen – right now, if you have a particularly large image you want to view in full size, the comments pane overlaps this and there doesn’t seem to be a way to get at the full image underneath. Being able to collapse the comments pane to maximise the screen space when looking at full size images would really help here – is this something you’d consider introducing (pretty please ;)?

Peter Coppinger

Hi Eamonn, the ability to collapse comment would be great indeed. I considered getting that working for the initial release but we had a lot of little issues to resolve before adding that sort of icing.

I’m definitely going to add that in a future update! Thanks for the positive feedback and good suggestion.


Look forward to it Peter, many thanks! Eamonn Sent from my iPhone 4 On 29 Jun 2012, at 14:53, "Posterous" <

Peter Coppinger

Hi Eamonn,

Done! You can now collapse the comments and the Image Viewer will remember your last choice. Looks slightly different in Internet Explorer than _Good_ Browsers 😉

Other changes:
Comments are collapsed by default when looking on an iPhone.
We had a little bug with comments updating that is now also fixed.
You can now move through images with “j” and “k” keys like gmail.

Hope you like the improvements!



Marvellous, that was quick! Just taken a look and this really helps, may thanks. One final thought – for images which when viewing in ‘full screen’ mode are larger than the screen real estate, it’s difficult to scroll around the image to see the full picture. Using the cursor keys has the effect of moving to the next image – it would be great if you could grab the image with the mouse and drag it to see the areas which are not visible by default. Not sure if this is something that you’d look to address?   Many thanks again Eamonn   From: Posterous [mailto:

Peter Coppinger

Hi Eamonn, you are welcome. I love getting good suggestions.

Again you’re jumping the gun with the panning – I was planning to get to that eventually but I guess I do it now 😉

I just have to finish testing another really nice update that will hopefully be out tomorrow after more cross-browser testing. Stay tuned…


Great minds and all that… 😉 I’ll eagerly watch this space!   From: Posterous [mailto:


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