Just shipped: Project Templates are now available in Teamwork Projects

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They’re here! Learn how Project Templates reduce manual tasks by letting you spin up projects quickly and easily, bringing your team’s hard work to new heights.

One of the key ingredients of successful projects is smart planning. There’s no better feeling than when a well-thought-out project runs smoothly, your service was delivered on time and within budget, and your clients are happy. 

If only things could go that smoothly on every project, right? 

With Project Templates, you can create a library of fully interactive, browsable projects that enable you to design and build multiple processes and, with just a few simple clicks, spin up a new ready-made project.

Project Templates allow you to build templates from both existing projects and from scratch, so you can replicate past successes and use your winning formula every time — without needing to manually populate information over and over again. 

Tell me more!

You’ll now see Project Templates in the Projects area of your site alongside the List, Portfolio and Chart sections. Once you’ve added some templates, you’ll be given the option to choose from them when initially creating a new project.

When you navigate to the Templates section, you’ll see a list of your created templates. You can expand these into a quick view for some high-level information about the template such as the project owner, how many task lists and milestones are in each template, and how many people are in the project. You can also filter your list of templates as per the usual criteria to make them easily searchable as you add more to your library.

When viewing a project template, you’ll see a blue banner across the top indicating that it’s a template, so you’ll always know exactly what you’re working on.

Creating Project Templates

You can create a new Project Template in two ways: by building a new template from scratch, which you can learn how to do here, or creating one from an existing project, which you can find out more about here. When creating a template from an existing project, any previously completed tasks and milestones will be repopulated anew — which is super handy!

As always, we want to give you full control, so you can also set permissions on who can access and/or manage project templates. 

You may have used the “copy a project” option in the past as a way to re-create standard projects as part of your workflow. Project Templates offer you much more automation as part of that step in your workflow, as well as more advanced options for customization.

How can I use Project Templates?

Project Templates are fully customizable. When creating a project from a template you can choose to include or not include options such as tasks, milestones, files, notebooks.

Marketing teams

In marketing, you’ll often have pieces of work or events that need to be repeated every year. With Project Templates, you can easily save all the work you did planning this year’s event and automatically populate the same work when next year’s event comes around. It works the same way for campaign plans and product launches. This takes all the admin out of planning your project, allowing your team to get on with doing the work.

Client-facing teams

So you’ve just signed a new client (yay!) and you’re getting ready to begin your first project together. This is where you get your chance to make a strong first impression. A great onboarding experience will set the tone for the duration of the project — even the client relationship. 

No matter how many clients you’re working with, you want every customer experience to be a positive one. With Project Templates, you can bring consistency to your onboarding and be confident that your team is executing all the steps necessary to give a new client that all-important stellar first impression.

Product teams

Easily spin up projects for new feature releases by saving your best work as a best practice plan for future builds. This means you’ll be sure to tick all the boxes each time you’re planning a new feature.

Start using Project Templates now and let us know what you think! If you need a little more help getting started, you can check out our help docs or send an email to support@teamwork.com — we’d be happy to help!

We also have a webinar available to help you learn how to create, implement and manage Project Templates on your Teamwork Projects site. You can watch it here.

Project Templates are now available on the Pro, Premium and Enterprise plans.



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Katriona O’Mahony
Product marketing manager



I really like Teamwork.
I’d be in love if we ever get the revised Gantt charting that can be filtered on. And the much promised reporting engine. 👍

Gabe W.

Very cool! Question though. Your help file (btw both links go to the same page) says the following: “Note: Project templates are available on Pro (max 20 templates), Premium (max 50 templates), and Enterprise (unlimited templates).”

For those of us still on the old plans, such as “Professional”, how many templates do we have? I’m guess the “Premium level”?

Thank in advanced, can’t wait to start making templates and not have the projects sitting around waiting to be copied.

Katriona O'Mahony

Hi Gabe

Thanks for your feedback.

If your current plan is out of date you may not have access to some newly released features – give us a shout at support@teamwork.com and we can check into this further for you.




information taken from the support, you will be offered to abandon your old plan for the new, more expensive of course (at least in our case).

it’s very disappointing, but not the first time TW has taken this kind of path with former customers.


Can project templates be shared between accounts?

For example, can I host a project template in my account (or even on my server) and invite my clients to install them on their accounts via a link?

Katriona O'Mahony

Hi Lawrence

This functionality is not available right now – but interesting use case.
I’ve passed this onto the product team for consideration!



Templates are good, but….
We often find we revise our templates as we go along to improve future projects workflows, it would be handy if there were an option to push or pull those changes into active projects setup from that template.

I’m thinking only of importing missing tasks etc from the template, not messing around with dates etc. it would ensure nothing is missed.


Hi Rich, thanks for letting us know about that scenario – it’s absolutely something we’ve considered and we’re still researching the use cases and potential solutions, so we can consider it along with all the other improvements we might make.

Chris G

We have found this feature to be super useful! There is one thing that does need to be fixed. Whomever creates the tasks or milestones, in the Templates section, gets marked as the “creator”. When someone “uses” the template, the creator’s name does not change. This means the creator gets notified when people start completing tasks and milestones! This is NOT good for your inbox when people start completing tasks and milestones. This workflow does not make sense for the Templates section.


Hi Chris, thanks for spotting that and letting us know. It’s something that we have logged and is currently being worked on by the team, so we’ll have a fix out as soon as possible.

Noah Learner

This is a really cool article! I wonder if our article about how to automate the process of monthly recurring tasklists would be a useful link to share in the article as it could show your audience just how far you could take the concept.


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