Activity History Management – Remove Items From the Dashboard and Project Overview

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When an action is performed in Teamwork, we add an activity item to the Project’s Overview screen which in turn shows up on the Dashboard. This is a great way for people to check regularly what has been completed, added or edited on a project and at a quick glance you can see progress being made.

Sometimes mistakes happen and a task has a typo, or a milestone is added with an incorrect due date, and people requested that we add the ability to delete specific items from the history log. This month we added a new function for Administrators on a project to do just that.
Activity History Management - Remove items from the Dashboard and Project Overview

An Administrator can scroll to the end of a project’s activity log on the Project Overview and click the Delete Activity button. The last 60 entries for that project are displayed in a dialog.
Activity History Management - Remove items from the Dashboard and Project Overview

Select the entries you want to remove and bingo!



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Love this feature, it’s great! Especially when just starting to use Teamworkpm, there are many mistakes and edits which show up as activities and is quite confusing when looking at the overview page. I would love to see an option to not post as activity while editing task before saving. Currently, it’s an extra step to go to Overview, then delete.

Great work, and thanks for the updates!


Great and very useful addition. Means I can remove the non essential items off the main dashboard. Thankyou. Agree with Michael Vila (above) that option to not to post as activity when editing would be a next step.

Daniel Mackey

Hi Andrew/Michael, We’ll see what we can do about the logging of activity when editing but we’re concious of the amount of options already on the Edit forms (especially tasks) so we need to think about this carefully. Dan.

Adrian Kerr

Hi Tom,

At the moment no I’m afraid, an option you could look at would be to set up a book mark, this could be set up to take you to the everything all active tasks.

I’ll also add the suggestion here to our wish list for consideration.

Best regards,


Megan Robnett

Is there a way to bring back activity that was deleted or is there a change log where you can see who deleted activity?


Hi… how do I undo the progress (accidentally selected 100% complete) and the task is not… cannot see how to do this. Please advise


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