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It’s no secret that companies like yours use a variety of apps to operate effectively every day. For many, Teamwork Projects acts as the engine for their entire business, acting as the central hub where all their work is managed, organized, analyzed, and completed. Teamwork Projects operates alongside thousands of other apps in companies around the world where these apps need to be connected to automate workflows. That’s where Zapier comes in!

We wanted to share 5 of the most popular Zaps that Teamwork Projects users choose to automate their workflows. Every Zap is another shortcut that saves time and improves collaboration!

1. Teamwork Desk

More and more teams of all sizes are moving away from email and toward help desk ticketing systems to of manage and organize incoming communication from customers. Many Teamwork Projects users have chosen Teamwork Desk as their ticket management system. Even though a native integration between Teamwork Projects and Teamwork Desk already exists, the Zap is still worth a mention. This Zap automates the process of creating a task in Teamwork Projects from a new ticket that arrives in Teamwork Desk using the details you specify.

2. Slack

With team collaboration at the core of both Teamwork Projects and Slack, connecting these two apps through Zapier can help teams communicate more smoothly, linking tasks and messages for instant updates. To keep your team in the loop as you start new projects, set up a zap to automatically send a message in Slack whenever a new project or task is added in Teamwork Projects. You can also share important project messages by creating a Zap to instantly send a message in Slack whenever a new message is sent in Teamwork Projects.

3. JotForm, Wufoo and Gravity Forms

Almost every website adds their own form to collect information on new leads, subscriptions, orders, surveys, job applications or data that businesses need to connect with prospects and customers. It’s important that this valuable info is managed properly so nothing falls through the cracks! Make sure you have all of the information you need with a Zap that adds a Teamwork Projects task for each new incoming submission from JotForm, Wufoo or Gravity Forms on your website.

4. GitHub

If your developers use GitHub to collaborate on writing and managing code, you can automate product improvements or bug fix notifications as they happen in GitHub. Set up a Zap to send GitHub issues to Teamwork Projects as tasks or to add an issue in GitHub whenever a new task is added in Teamwork Projects. Your dev team and your customers will benefit from this streamlined process.

5. Evernote

Many businesses use Evernote to foster productivity by collecting, organizing, and sharing information across teams. Sometimes you might want to turn that information into tasks for the team to collaborate on. There’s a Zap for that! You can create one to automatically generate a task in Teamwork Projects whenever a note is added in Evernote.

Automating workflows using Zaps not only saves you time, it reduces mistakes and gaps in communication that eat away at profits! If you use Teamwork Projects and would like to connect it to an app you’re already using, here’s how you can make your own Zaps in a couple of simple steps. Zapier connects Teamwork Projects and over 1000 apps, opening a whole world of automation possibilities!


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FormidablePro (WordPress forms plugin) can email direct to a Teamwork Task list with dynamic assignment and due dates based on form fields or Form actions (better than Gravity)

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