3 reasons why you need our powerful new Trello importer

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Supercharge your productivity by switching from Trello to Teamwork Projects. Making the move couldn’t be any easier with our new data transfer tool, import your boards from Trello directly into Teamwork Projects in just a couple of clicks!

Here’s why it’s worth checking out our Trello importer:

    1. More functionality
      Easily switch from Trello to Teamwork Projects for a more powerful collaboration tool. We do everything Trello does, and lots more. Don’t believe us? Check out our Board View
    2. Align all of your business tools
      If you have a few small projects housed in Trello, move your data to Teamwork Projects to keep all projects under one roof. See how Kashmir Interactive increased their efficiency by up to 20% when they consolidated their tools.
    3. Tell your Friends and Earn $$$
      Yes, you read that right! Tell your friends about our Trello importer, and if they make the switch on your recommendation, you earn money. It’s a win-win situation!  You could earn 25% of our income from that user for a year when they sign up with Teamwork Projects. Check out our referral program for more info.

Hear it from customers who made the switch

Here’s what customers who switched from Trello to Teamwork Projects have to say about their new found functionality and flexibility:

“We previously used Trello to help manage our clients’ projects but this tool became too simplistic for our needs. By moving to Teamwork, we’ve been able to use fewer applications, and we’ve become more streamlined and efficient.”  Korey Kashmer – CEO at Kashmer Interactive

How it Works

It’s simple!  Import your boards from Trello directly into Teamwork Projects in just a couple of clicks. The imported boards transfer into your chosen project, and you can toggle between Board View or List View, whatever works best for you. Take a look at the video below to see how!

Read our help doc article on importing your projects from Trello

The Trello importer joins our team of data transfer tools for Basecamp Asana and Wrike. So if you’re thinking of making the switch to Teamwork Projects, we couldn’t make the process any easier.

We’re always looking for ways to make the transition to Teamwork Projects as easy and seamless as possible, so if you need a hand with any of the importers, you can reach out to us here: support@teamwork.com.


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Emma Ross
Product marketer


Erick Ortega

Are there any tips or tricks integrating with Microsoft Team? Your feedback is appreciated. I am trying to expand use of teamwork within my organization and this will assist us.


Emma Ross

Hi Erick,

At the moment we don’t have an integration with Microsoft Teams, sorry I don’t have better news!
Zapier is currently working on setting up a zap for Microsoft Teams, submit your email on this web page (https://zapier.com/apps/microsoft-teams/integrations) and you will be notified once it is available. When it’s released you will be able to integrate Teamwork Projects and MS Teams.


John LaPlaca

What happens to the checklists in Trello? One of the things holding me back from moving my Trello work into my TW account is that the TW board makes every task a card. Trello allows a card with checklist items for each step. Many of my Trello cards have 15 checklist items. This would make a TW board very crowded. I also don’t know how you would keep things together.

David Cannon

Hi John. When you import a Trello card into Teamwork Projects, it will be created as a main task and placed on the corresponding board column. Checklists for that Trello card will then be created as subtasks to that main task in Projects, but those subtasks are not added to the board columns to prevent over-crowding, as you mentioned. You can simply select the main task to then access those “checklist” subtasks. Also, just so you know, every task you create in Teamwork Projects does not have to show on your boards. It is completely up to you whether you want them to be visible there. If you create the task from within the boards, then obviously they will show there by default, but you can later remove them, or you can simply create them in your task list without specifying an associated board column. Then you will only see them in your task list, and not on your boards. Hope that helps.

Danny MX

In my experience, it requires little effort to make the system action-oriented. Its layout is great for running projects, keeping teams and processes on the track but in order to get task-level details in can be little complicated.

Andrea Russell

David, for the last few weeks I have been trying out Trello and one of the things that got my attention was the checklist. Now that you explained it as a sub-task I will try that. John thanks for posting.

Mike Szyszka

Right now we’re playing with a Zapier integration to create Trello Cards out of each Task in TeamWork so we can show tasks from multiple projects in one column.

I read a blog post from April 2017 when the Project Boards feature launched (https://blog.teamwork.com/board-view-arrived-teamwork-projects/) and it seemed the ability to show tasks from multiple projects in a Kanban-style board view was highly requested in the comments.

It was noted that this feature that was currently being considered and I’m wondering if Is there an update on this or should we still plan to utilize Trello for this going forward?

Emma Ross

Hi Mike,

Thanks for getting in touch! I checked with the team and they are going to follow up with you directly via email 🙂



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