3 Popular Teamwork Projects Features You Might Be Missing Out On


Get the most out of Teamwork Projects by learning about some of the features successful customers use every day.

We recently discovered that many of our customers are missing out on some of the benefits of Teamwork Projects. Most teams have a mountain of work to do and would rather learn as they go instead of exploring which features could help reduce their workload. This is great, but we know that many ambitious teams could also improve their efficiency by reducing repetitive work with a few of the features that many of our other customers have come to depend on.

Give these a try this week and see how they can instantly help create efficiencies and improve collaboration across your team!

1. Shortcuts

Shortcuts help you quickly and easily access any item or area within your Teamwork Projects site like tasks, users or other items that you need to view frequently. This feature is particularly useful for managers or members of a remote team to access a high-priority project or file that needs attention with just one or two clicks. Other users set shortcuts to take them directly to saved filters to get a quick overview of completed tasks to report on in team meetings. It is also useful to get a quick view of a team members workload, to see their tasks and how they are progressing. Rather than searching through a list of team members under the People tab, they can add a shortcut that goes directly to the person’s tasks.

To create a new shortcut, go to the page you want to create a shortcut for then use the Quick Add menu at the top right of your screen and choose Add Shortcut – or press the “+” key on any page. Give your shortcut a simple name for easy access, and if you’d like to make sure the shortcut stays at the top of your list, you can also enable the Pin this item option.  To view your shortcuts, click your profile image in the top right of the screen and in the menu choose My Shortcuts — or use the keyboard shortcut Shift+ s. Shortcuts are grouped by feature, based on the type of item you’ve saved. For example, Teamwork Projects uses these categories: task,  task list, milestone, message, notebook or file.

To learn more about how to implement shorcuts into your workflow check out this help doc or the quick video below.

2. Project Roles

In Teamwork Projects, you can create roles within a project, which allow you to easily assign tasks to a group of people or mention them in a comment. This feature is particularly useful if you need a task completed by a particular group of people or if a task is only relevant to a specific team. For example, when a piece of content needs to be written, you can assign the task to @writers, or when a new landing page needs to be designed, you can quickly assign the task to @designers.

To create a role, go to the people section of your project and switch from the People tab to the Roles tab.

Adding a new role

Then, you can use the Add Role button on the right to create a new role. You will see a screen where you can choose a name for that role and add a description so you can add any notes to define it further. (Bear in mind that the shorter and simpler you make the name for the role, the easier it will be to access it.)

Then, choose from the people on the project by selecting the checkbox next to their name, and click Add Role to create it.

To learn more about using the Project Roles feature check out this help doc or the quick video below.

3. Task List Templates

If you or your team regularly carry out sets of routine tasks or similar projects, you can save time creating these tasks by using the task list templates feature. Our customers find this feature especially useful when it comes to planning new client projects, you can simple pre populate the project with a list of tried and tested tasks from a similar project. It is also useful to apply the same steps of tasks to a new product launch for example.

If you are an administrator, you can add task list templates by clicking your profile photo in the top right of your screen to access the Settings menu. From here choose the Templates area, and to make changes to existing templates or add a new one, click the Edit link.

In the main Task Templates screen, you can add a new task list to use as a template using the Add Template button in the top right.

When you add a new template, you can enter some details:

  • Give the template a name.
  • Add any notes you’d like to show as task list notes when the template is used to create a task list in a project.
  • Select who can see the template in the Who can view this tab. This option does not affect the privacy of the tasks or task lists created from the template.

Note: you won’t see this template listed to be used in a project until you add some tasks to it.

Creating a template from an existing task list in a project

If you are an administrator or have the permission to manage templates, you can save any task list from any project into the templates section. Simply click the drop-down arrow to the left of the task list name -> Templates -> Save as Template.

To learn more about using the Task List Templates feature check out the help doc.

New Features for the Future

As our users get more familiar with Teamwork Projects, they often discover other features that do even more to improve their daily workflows.

If you have a favorite feature that wasn’t mentioned here but makes a big difference for your company, let us know in the comments below. Customer feedback helps our development team make our software even better, so feel free to leave suggestions that will improve Teamwork Projects for all our users.

If you’re interested in getting even more out of Teamwork Projects, make sure to book your spot in one of our Success Channel webinars. You’ll learn about other features that companies use to cut their workload, and you’ll get top tips from our experts.



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Jim Stevens

Thanks – Really need to fix the bug so that future recurring task dates are kept when we make a date change and say “Only this instance”.
Also really would like the ability to create and edit recurrences for tasks in iPhone.

Katriona O'Mahony

Hi Jim,

Thanks for commenting – I’ll be sure to pass on your feedback and I’ll investigate the bug you’ve mentioned.


Katriona O'Mahony

Hi Levi,

Thanks for commenting – I’m going to follow up with you on this via email.


Michael Rollins

Those are all handy, for sure, but even combined they deliver but a fraction of the value/benefit that resource allocation and workload visibility would. A veritable throng of us out here have been asking for this functionality for years, but we have yet to see any progress at all. When is this finally going to move from Research to In Progress in the roadmap? Teamwork has a massive, frustrating hole where Resource Management should be. Are you ever going to fill it?

Katriona O'Mahony

Hi Michael

I’m sorry you’re frustrated – we are looking at Resource Management as an important feature for our users right now and we have taken on board all of your feedback. However we want to make sure that what we build best serves the needs of our customers, so we are taking some time with the planning phase.

The product team is focused on Dashboard right now as a priority but Resource Management will be a big focus for us after that has been released.

Thanks again for your feedback on this feature!


Bruno Deraedt

Thanks for this information. How far are you at this moment ? We choosed also Teamwork in hope to get our resource management done. This came on in our last managementmeeting. Thanks to update the scheduling about the Resource Management.

Kenneth Egebjerg Rasmussen

I want signature in desk on phone and tablet.

More and more emails and support is done on the go – thats why we need signature to be possible on the app.

Katriona O'Mahony

Hi Kenneth,

Thanks for commenting – I’ll make sure to pass your feedback on to the product team.


Gerald Lock

I’ve mentioned this before but I have to say it again (hoping that the squeaky hinge gets the oil!!):
The Role function needs to be renamed ‘Group’ or ‘Department’ (I believe there is department function in the works, so maybe this is now a redundant part of my comment.)
Role should instead be a place-holder for a Person (eg. Architect, Project Manager, Graphic Designer etc) to allow assignment of tasks before the actual person is known or assigned to the project. This would be especially useful for setting up template projects.
Adding Roles should be like adding tags (a person can have more than one role), so as each user is created/edited, their Role can be selected from a drop-down, or a new one added if it doesn’t already exist in the list.
When a project gets people added to it, those tasks that have been assigned to a Role already (whether from a template or during early planning phase, before the team is chosen) are then assigned to those people in the project with the matching role.
Thanks for listening. I hope this functionality gets added!

Katriona O'Mahony

Hi Gerald,

Thanks for your feedback – I’ve passed this on to the product team.



I love the idea of shortcuts but it still takes 3 clicks to get to one. ie 1) click on profile 2) click on ‘shortcuts’ 3) click on the shortcut… it would be better if this was a simple hover and go straight to shortcut from there.


Would really appreciate a built in module for setting agendas, taking minutes and creating a Board review cycle with action list created directly from the Meeting Minutes but also clear to see when reviewing old searchable minutes. This should embed w Microsoft Office

Katriona O'Mahony

Hi Sam

Thanks for your feedback – I’ve passed your suggestion on to our product team.


Katriona O'Mahony

Hi there Sanjay

Apologies for the delayed response, your email was stuck in our marketing inbox I’m afraid.
Aiden from our support team has replied to your email now and will help resolve your request asap!

Hope that helps!



I’d like to have an ability to shift all task and milestone dates at once for a copied project. I know I can physically move each task list and associated milestones via the Gantt chart. I want to be able to copy a project, then assign a new start date which, in turn, updates all tasks and milestones by the same number of days.

Katriona O'Mahony

Hi Heather

When copying projects, in the “options” tab, you can select a date offset to move tasks and milestones.
You can also shift all tasks and milestones by the same number of days.

Here’s a link to the help doc which explains this in more detail:

But if you are having any issues just shoot us a mail at support@teamwork.com and we can talk you through it!



George Hagerman

In reviewing the Teamwork roadmap, I see that Resource Management is still in the Research Phase. Is there a Zapier integration that you’d recommend we use to quickly identify when estimated hours exceed available hours for a given person or resource (e.g., subcontractor) and then adjust by shifting tasks or reassigning tasks from within Gantt Chart view?

Roy Popiolek

We would love to have the “board view” for multiple projects – so we could use the intuitive boards uniting tasks from/for more than one project.

Katriona O'Mahony

Hi Roy

If you go to the Beta section in your settings, you’ll see we have “My Boards” which allows you to set up boards across multiple projects. We’d love for you to try it and let us know what you think !



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